Collaborative Dynamics.

Helping you apply fundamental information and communication principles.

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We help deliver practical solutions based on how change impels both growth and the struggle for survival through learning and adaptation.

Information and communication underlie change both in the environment you operate in, and in how you learn and adapt in response. These changes may comprise regulatory change, or technological change. They may be changes gradually occuring within your customers and competitors. Even short-term change such as occur in supply issues, equipment issues, customer issues, or even the loss of a key staff member.

As your environment continually changes, so does your business itself. It changes in its staff, its machinery, perhaps even its structure itself. The continuous acts of communication and decision involved in reacting to both internal and external change depend on core information communication principles and processes that we evoke in our name, "Collaborative Dynamics".


Based on analysis of the issues and challenges that your business experiences, and the part your communication processes play in these issues, we help you develop your people and systems.


We help you identify, assess, implement, and monitor the effectiveness of software and technology based systems available on the market to address identified needs.


We audit your existing processes, and perform gap analysis, towards ascertaining strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.


We develop and deliver training courses and seminars to help others understand our model, and how it can be utilised to solve problems.

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